Can’t get him out of my head heart and soul


13 thoughts on “Can’t get him out of my head heart and soul

  1. Been there, done that…I agree with disconcerted72…try to engage in things that will allow you to have a moment of freedom from thoughts of him.

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  2. I have been struggling with the same thing over this past year. My “he” is always just a thought away yet I haven’t seen him in years. How is it when you give your heart to someone not to still have that link? It is a process of getting those pieces back and placing them back together. Focusing on your kids can definitely help. I have also found that volunteering and offering love to people who have no way to “repay” helps to heal my heart with each new day. It may just be spending my 4 hours at the home for the dying in the town I live in or just taking a few extra moments with the patients I care for at the hospital… those moments some how can strengthen a broken, battered heart. Slowly over time you will find that your thoughts will go less and less to that person that you long to “forget”. Hope this makes some sense. =)

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