In the fight

After speaking to my ex therapist yesterday she thinks I’m in the fight part of fight and flight. Blaming myself for things I’ve not done wrong. Judging how I feel etc. She’s right again. She also believes I just need abit of a top up to gain some of the confidence I’ve loss. As I have awareness, using my skills, trying to accept what I can’t change. I do agree with her. One thing that stands out on here is I talk a lot of him. While yes he’s caused me pain and confusion. But he isn’t actually the cause or trigger to my well this. I’ve had a lot I’ve not written about that triggered things. Also I can now clearly see I have pushed him away as he’s done to me. Hopefully I’ll get word today on the plan for me being signed back into the system and I can forge ahead. Also want to thank you all


28 thoughts on “In the fight

  1. Have you ever asked yourself if he’s sitting there stressing this much over what you’re doing/going to do as you are about him? Just live your life. Don’t worry about what will be. Be grateful for what you have, sent your wishes out as well and live your life one day at a time. Positivity. Not stress. I mean, you can stress and you should stress but you’ve been caught up in this for weeks, seemingly going in circles.

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