Head, heart or gut

I’ve always been told beyond all else “follow your gut instincts” its always right.

So my heart says “I love him”

My head says “this has happened before, no contact, hes moved on then come back. Try and find a way forward”.

My gut says “he loves you and needs time, wait”.

So what do I follow?

Issue being for two years I ignored my gut that said the same thing. Put myself through pain. Listened to what others thought I should do.

Above all that stands out is that we discussed so much. I didn’t tell him I still loved him. I held back. Until the day he told me he does love me, realised he always has. How he needed to right the wrongs he’s made, so he can be the man I respect. He asked me to give him time. That I am the love of his life. My children are his how he loves and missed them. And followed it all up with his actions

Now I have the grand decision of head heart or gut.


54 thoughts on “Head, heart or gut

  1. What will truly make you happy, at peace and free of all this struggles? The answer to this question is what you should do. It is between you and you. πŸ™‚ You are judging yourself too much and think others will judge you too but it is not true and it doesn’t matter anyway.

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  2. I can empathize strongly with what you’re going through. The inner conflict from your head, your heart and your gut. Your head is logic, your heart is emotion and your gut is instinct…so let’s add a fourth to the mix, what does your soul tell you? It’s the combination of all, you’ve been hurt before, but the love still remains faithful, now you’re sensing for how to proceed. There should be no contradiction in love. If the words and actions are in sync, take your heading from there.

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  3. Bonne courage et bonne chance!

    When I don’t follow my intuition, that is when I take a path not in my best interests and will not make me happy. You must figure out how your intuition works and if it works for you or against you?

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  4. What do your dreams tell you? Your unconscious has a lot of answers through your dreams. Go online and look up dream dictionaries such as dreammoods.com. In the order of your dream sequence look up dream symbols including colors, numbers, people such as strangers and those you know. You’d be surprised what your unconscious has to say.

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  5. I think you should be practical and try to move on. Expectations might hurt you a lot if things don’t work. Having said that, believe in miracle.. If it happens, it happens.

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  6. Just think of your babies and do what is in their best interest. If he is causing you pain over and over again, that is NOT in their best interest. Time is good. Wait and watch. See if he is true to his word. If he fools around and is not pursuing you for a good long time, he hasn’t changed.

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  7. You must figure out when your intuition works for or against you as another commenter said. Sometimes, our gut feeling is very strong but leads us down an unfavorable life path. Unless my gut feeling is super strong, I usually try to go with my head, even if it is painful. But best of luck to you. I am sorry I am unable to give you much help on this issue – but you don’t have to decide anything yet, just be happy, enjoy your life, and DO NOT think about this. At all. If it has to happen, it will. xoxo


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  8. Gut, heart, head is the order I did never regret. The biggest fails I always had when hearing to my head. The gut is always right, when I did act according my gut it was best, in every case, from simple decisions to life changing things.

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  9. No, no, listen to the head! Sorry, I’m being such a fucking pessimist but I don’t want you to get hurt!

    How about a mid way? Give him time but don’t expect any grand gestures until you he makes them. How about that? Neutral enough?

    Good luck and keep me posted.

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    • I fully get that more then youll realise . i did do that. Followed my head. Yip managed to stay away from him no contact at all. Problem being he came back and i let him. Just couldn’t say no and throw it away again.

      Im trying to give him time and be neutral.

      So hard either way i go. No matter if i choose to follow any of the three i feel messed up

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  10. Years ago during college I was watching the reality show The Hills and Lauren Conrad said something that’s stuck with me ever since…”Go with your gut, but use your head.”

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  11. Funny, I know exactly how you’re feeling and the struggle of whether to follow your head, heart, or gut. I wrote about the conflict between the heart and mind. And I’m in the process of writing about gut instincts. They are all connected. Which do you feel is the strongest?

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  12. I hope it works out for you either way, it’s not easy that’s for sure, hard when you’ve been hurt, feel so vulnerable, I get the whole logic verses the heart thing. I really do hope it works out for you, thank you for sharing.

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