53 thoughts on “How like your star sign are you

  1. I’m a Capricorn with a Cancer Rising, married to a Cancer. I’m very Capricorn but yet have that need to be needed of the Cancer. The independent goat slowly making his way up the mountain, as long as he is needed. Hmmmm…

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  2. Sounds very much like my son, and now I can add his 7 month old daughter. She does not miss a thing, always looking around and needs to have a change of scenery often so she can observe everything. Love her to death

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  3. I’m married to a Cancer and if he thinks I’m even looking at him wrong he gets his feelings hurt! And the “cranky and indifferent” also applies. After 42 years of marriage it gets real old! Sorry Cancers! I think this is the last sign I would ever want to be!!!

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  4. also a cancer here. honestly, i don’t believe in horoscopes and anything related to it. but this just got my attention since everything on it is exactly me hahaha!

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