My blogging goal for the year.

My blogging goal for the year.

At the start if the year I thought about how I want to run my blog.

Had the idea I’d love to reach 30,000 followers by the years end. Realising it may be out of reach. I changed it to 20,000 more achievable I feel.

Also thought of the whole making money from this blog. And that was a no. Id rather do it for me and to raise awareness of mental health. To openly talk about it.

Also thought about trying more positives. Correct spelling and grammar etc. Realising that’s just not me. I’ll continue to write exactly what I feel when. And post my photos. I need to stay true to me.

Biggest goal is to continue to reply to comments and visit others blogs.

So all in all keeping it exactly how I want it without the expectations I previously set myself


77 thoughts on “My blogging goal for the year.

  1. After a six month hiatus I’ve recently turned my eye back to my own blog. What drove me to create the blog was putting my financial information out for the world to see, anonymously of course. I wanted something to keep me accountable. On top of finances I just want an avenue where I can talk about life in general. At this point it’s impossible to say how my blog will evolve.

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  2. Staying true to oneself is so empowering in and of itself, isn’t it?

    Although, I’ve been a big fan of self-improvement, sometimes you have to look at the cost reward of it all. Is the cost of changing yourself worth the reward of doing it, or will it be worse?

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  3. Love the blogging goals and wish you all the success with them. Everything seems so stats-driven and all about the follows. Just keep writing for you. The rest will fall in place.

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  4. ‘Right now staying true about myself means to me writing about mu broken heart. I know all this sadness of mine wont bring me many followers, happy to be there and share my pain. I feel like writing sad songs. I hope that this is gonna change and i am gonna write songs for happy people. Well, I don’t think I’m ready yet. I will see.

    Keep on your good vork. All the best. HC

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  5. I wish you the best is reaching all of your goals! I think that if you were able to reach one person with the seriousness of mental health concerns…that would mean more than gaining 20000 or 30000 followers. Each one, teach one! Keep going! You’re doing great!!!

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  6. Sometimes we set our sights on unrealistic goals, then feel defeated when we don’t reach them. I have enough people in my life trying to defeat me. I don’t need to add to my own defeat too. Keep true to yourself! Good thing to try to remember to do!


  7. I know what your going through I have learning disable and my grammar isn’t that great and this year I want to go to English class to get my grammar and my English up graded in away. I did do a blog before giving out advice and it did great but when I have my up and downs I just give up and quit but now I have learn when I feel that way that I should just realize and stay away from my blog and when I feel up again just write what ever I feel or want give advice with.

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  8. Staying true to you is so, so important. I often find myself thinking, “Will my readers think this is funny? Does that make me sound weird?” But it’s not about them; it’s about me. And everything I hit ‘publish’ I check and double check (and triple check) that every word is genuine, heartfelt and a little piece of me. Best wishes and keep up your wonderful work!

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