If you could pick?

If you could pick the top most important thing you need in a relationship which would you choose?

I’d choose commitment .

Purely because for me if I’m committed to the person. I will be loyal, supportive, understanding. I’ll be faithful and trust worthy.

If I’m not committed fully to someone I can not connect on the levels needed to have a long term partnership.


95 thoughts on “If you could pick?

  1. Commitment allows time for everything else to happen through life’s ups and downs. Every relationship goes through them. Commitment keeps you together when you don’t feel love, when communication is suffering, and when things are bad. It gets you through to be able to love, communicate, support, and enjoy the good times. I agree with you!

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  2. Faithfulness. For me, it binds the healthy, relational elements of growth (b/w & w/in us), intimacy (closeness & loyalty), commitment (dedication & permanence), passion (emotional, physical, & psychological), happiness (overall satisfaction), and safety (physical, psychological, & emotional).

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  3. I don’t think there’s a word for it. It is that feeling of safety and home, of spark and patience, of speaking and listening. And it’s wrapped in something that makes you put the other first, know they’ll do the same, and you still smile when you’re on the phone and feel crushy every time you see them.

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  5. Still mulling it over, but I think I agree with you–commitment. And not just in romantic relationships. I think commitment in friendships is also really important. It seems however that it is increasingly rare as we are encouraged to have more and more “friends” on social media…

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  6. How terrible to have such a deep level of trust and commitment to someone and then come home from work one day and discover that she has left to be with someone else. Of course a few years down the road he did the same to her. She traded down. But then so did he.

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  7. I think mutual respect for me. I’d have to show my respect for the person I’m with but they’d also have to respect me. With respect, I believe a person would honour commitment, listen to your point-of-view, understand differences, treat you fairly, etc.

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