6am is not my friend

I started an annoying habit. Waking in the morning between 5:30-6am every single morning. Weekdays I don’t need to be up till 7am when my alarm goes off and weekends I don’t set an alarm but a nice sleep in is 8:30am.

I believe I know how it started. Staying with him. He’d set his cell and alarm for 6am even on the days he didn’t have work. I’d wake roll over babe turn ur alarm off, I’d get a grunt or snore only once he turned it off without me having to get up and not be able to fall asleep. Also I was meant to have my stepsons before school every morning and they were going to be dropped off by 6:45am. I think I’d mentally prepared myself.

Now plans have changed I still wake so early and its making the days feel longer and are dragging.

I’m trying to fix this. A number of ways. Landline down stairs and cell on silent at night. Adjusting times I go to bed. I’ve taken blankets of the bed. Now trying a blanket over the curtains to darken the room come morning. Also trying to teach myself to doze back to sleep.

I swear one of these mornings I’m going to smash my head against the brick wall to knock myself out so I’m sleeping past 6. Is that really to much to ask


22 thoughts on “6am is not my friend

  1. Think of it as ‘your special time’ …..I need an hour just to wake up and feel human because of my fibromyalgia, so when I went through what you going through, that extra hour I used to ‘wake up’, cup of coffee, yes a ciggy, and relax….then 2nd cuppa and iPad at the ready…..I then use this time to write…..write what you ask?…. ANYTHING…..it becomes a therapy if you use the time positively. When I wasn’t in the mood for writing, I would ‘plan my day’, well sort of….I would write myself a list of things I wanted or needed to do and I would mentally prepare myself to do a least 2 items on the list…….even if you tick of just one on the list, by the end of the day you feel like you have really achieved something… In nice weather I would redo my garden beds tidy here and there and give my garden it’s dignity back……sometimes I would really push the boat out and take the dog and my camera for a walk……
    Read a book…..use the extra time to start a good book…..
    Bake a cake,
    Prepare a WOW breakfast for kids….pancakes or waffles, or something totally different and whacky…
    Use your POSITIVE imagination ……you can heal yourself from hurt …..

    Much love and I hope you have a good week…. πŸ˜‰

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  2. The ones that hurt us are really NOT worth the stress and worry and hurt they leave us with….he does not deserve you making yourself ill. It’s just a pity we only realise that once we get ourselves well. Much love xx your worth much more and deserve someone who appreciates you x. Trust me. πŸ˜‰ xx

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