Wow overcome

Wow overcome with new high level of pain today. The sadness the, hurt, hope. Unknown and out of my control. My kids miss him so badly. It hurts to watch. I am honest with my children. But what can I say. Its been over a week since he seen them at my girls party. He said he wants them in his life. But what do I tell my babies? I hope he comes back but I don’t know when. My girl cried for him every night for months getting worse not better. I miss my boys. I miss him. My heart is shattered. I’m tired. I’m trying. I can’t even contact him to talk about the kids cause stupidly I deleted his number. I don’t know what to do. I can’t seem to move on. It just gets harder. I’m feeling and acknowledging it. I’m trying to accept. Accept what I don’t know. Because I know nothing.


35 thoughts on “Wow overcome

  1. Gosh, I can’t begin to imagine what you are going through, especially with the your kids. I sincerely hope you and your kids find happiness with or without another. Keep your head up, and I look forward to the writing where good things are happening for you 🙂

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  2. Well you blog is fictitious, so i’s no like can prove anything. Be well. Thank you for your very courageoys writing, and your courage overall. You are an inspiration.


      • Do you know the difference between fictional and fuctitious? Never mind. I remember one of your posts a while back that was saying that you weren’t writing under your name. You got some good estuary there. Where you from, Holloway Rd or Tooting?


  3. You know you love your children, and you know you want to teach them well.

    You know it’s hard, but not impossible.

    You know that you can put faith in time, and that the situation will change.

    The last parts of the wall are the hardest to smash, because your arms are too tired to swing the hammer again.

    But you know that if you pick up the hammer, and keep hitting at that wall, that on the other side is a different world.

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  4. I only know one thing from personal experience…… the longer I hang on to what is gone and its pain…. the longer I must go without finding something new, something better, something to eliminate the pain. I willingly exchange my potential joy for misery.

    The worst part is… the pain is mine and mine alone…the one who has gone has moved on…. I make my own life empty and sad and so much joy and happiness is passing me by. I spent a year unhappy and that year will never be mine again to do over. I lost a year, and filled it with misery, instead of seeking out fun and happiness, and excitement. I can never get it back and do it over.

    Meanwhile the one who has gone has chosen to fill his life with some form of happiness and purpose, and is totally unaffected by my suffering. So I force myself to be alone, dwelling on the past, and going over and over old hurts.

    I hope you will seek out even 1 hour a day, to spoil yourself, make plans for happiness (even just a walk in the park or taking an art class etc etc) Building little small moments of joy into a healthy happy life. Then what ever happens (he comes back or doesn’t) you will be happier and healthier and your kids will be smiling just because you are smiling and happy. For a child to be locked into sadness for months and years…is to be robbed of the joy they should have as a child. Our children draw so much emotional strength from their parents to feel secure and happy.

    Wishing you all the best and will be looking to see uplifting reports from your corner of the world!
    MY world is infinitely better now, new partner, new future, and happy home because I let go of the past and let a bright and healthy future in.

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  5. After my split I was devastated and couldn’t function from grief and depression. I started going to a counsellor every week consistently because I needed some serious support.
    She was lovely and so helpful as she had been in the same boat – 6 kids and the love of her life walked out on her. She was someone to pour all my heart ache to. My few friends and family were not at all understanding or helpful.
    I also knew I could not jump into another relationship until I had healed as a person.
    I had no money for a counsellor because I had developed health problems from the ongoing stress and couldn’t work but it got covered by WINZ and I either added a little extra each week.. or went fortnightly and WINZ therapy allowance covered the lot – just a thought

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  6. Stay strong my dear. Even the hardest times in life serve a purpose. Whatever is meant to be for you, will be. If it is grief and pain you have to go through to learn a lesson just give in and accept it, it time the clouds will clear and you will begin to see joy in life again. One day you will look back and smile at this time in your life because one day it will all make sense. Sending positive vibrations you way. Much love to you and your little ones. If you ever need someone to talk to please do not hesitate to contact me. ~ Sincerely, Alyana

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  7. Dear hurting,
    I only stumbled upon your blog because you found mine. I believe in God’s timing and I am saddened to hear of the pain you are going through. I will be praying for you and your children. I hope for your situation to ease and the troubles to drift, for you to find happiness in your children and not dwell on the negative. May you just enjoy a day about with your blessings and not have to worry about all the what if’s. Rely and trust in His strength to handle your situation. You don’t need to be strong or understand it all, just try to enjoy the little things.
    I once separated a few years ago and remember all too well the anxiety attacks of sadness and depression. Take it one day at a time girl. Find strength to find your faith and know that you and your children will come out of this strong!
    Bless you and your children and your open heart for sharing.

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