I wish I could hate you


Why cant I just hate him. Turn off the love and longing. Be able to be angry


39 thoughts on “I wish I could hate you

  1. If you hated him, then it would never have been worth all the beautiful moments. There is still so much to love. It’s not my place to say so, but I think that some day, it will hurt less. Hang in there.

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  2. Can’t you still love? Not just the memory, but the real person that this bloke is now.
    I don’t mean love his the way you did, but a new way, a letting go to be whatever he will be.
    Also to love you in a new way, letting go of those what “Should” have been and seeing today for what it is.
    It also seems that you are feeling the loss of love, but that you still have it, you are it, it is in our nature and you are love (like the game says “Tag your it”) 🙂

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  3. I’ve been where you are…sometimes it sucks … It WILL get better … PROMISE!!!
    … I’ve been trying to send you a MiMisMeMes for a while and hadn’t been able to post a meme to here …
    I just posted this quote to another and thought of you as I did …
    Remember … You’re not alone…

    “An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards…When it seems like life is handing you difficulties it just means life is going to launch you into something great…
    Keep aiming…”

    Perhaps tough to hear right now…but…soon…

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