The tears are so close

The tears are so close
Ready to fall
I must not surcome
For my children are awake
And will see
Fighting so hard
Trying to block it all out
My pain has to wait
For another time


28 thoughts on “The tears are so close

  1. Reblogged this on cornerofrain and commented:
    For another time

    Tears so close no need for magnification
    Breathing very shallow dismantled at the situation
    We parents losing years of our lives
    Trying to make sure our kids survive
    Fighting so hard trying to block
    The tears so close to fall

    Crying into the pillows again

    Can’t let the children hear the rain.

    *I think it would be a great collaboration on a very emotional song. Without my lyrics it is still very much so beautiful.

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  2. My children see me cry. When they ask why I cry I tell them. They know mom is hurting and they comfort me as only children can do. I think that children who see their parents cry (mom AND dad) are being taught that crying is an acceptable outlet for their emotions. I have three sons and every single one of them is growing to be compassionate human beings. Something this world is sorely lacking. We don’t have to be pillars of unemotional flesh. We have feelings for a reason.

    Beautiful poem though….. So many of feel exactly this way.

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  3. I wish my mother had shared her depression with us. She never shared her illness with us until her mania came and made it impossible to not share. If I had known how depression showed up for her, it might have saved me a few years of torture when my son was an infant and toddler. In my case, the depression was triggered by several things, and hadn’t been with me for my whole life. But it really did a number on me. Wish I’d been able to figure out what was going on so I could have gotten help early on (it was bad for about 5 years or so). In my case, my help with depression came accidentally, during a hypnosis session where I was looking for underlying causes of emotional eating.

    What I’m saying is, depending on your kids’ ages, it’s ok to let them know that mom has something going on with her that makes her cry and feel ___ (fill in the blank); and that they have done nothing to cause it (not their fault). And that mom is doing what she can to feel better.

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  4. This is sad and beautiful. Why can’t you share your pain or tears with your kids? Shutting them off from a part of you is hurtful to you both. Parents too often ‘protect’ kids but they know something is wrong; too often, they blame themselves. Just a suggestion.

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    • THanks for your comment. I do agree shutting them out completley isn’t the way. we are very open but there are times when mummys pain needs to remain mine. due to my past my children get scared and blame themselves if they see me to down. despite me reasuring them

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