Its time

Due to the government I have been told I have to find a part time job soon. This I dont mind I miss working. However being real about the situation I’m in I’m finding it hard to comprehend how to go about it or what id like to do.

1- I can only work school hours 9 to 2:30pm. As I have no babysitters to help at all with children

2- I’m don’t have a car anymore so am reliant on the bus system. As I live 45minutes walking g distance from town. The buses I can catch at 9.25 and back on the 2pm. Leaving say 10am till 1:45 work time.

3- I’ve only ever really been a cleaner in the work force. Otherwise been a stay home mum for 12 years. I’m not sure how to turn my self taught qualities into work ones. As I’m considered uneducated.

4- I know Id love to be a photographer but that’s a hobby at this point.

Trying to find the answers. Who knows how I’ll manage it. Another challenge to add to the basket of my life


41 thoughts on “Its time

  1. I can only imagine how this must feel.
    I may have no new thoughts that will help, but if I list them:
    Offering to volunteering that might just lead to a paid job and in many you do get travel money.
    Self employment baking expensive artisan bread (you get to eat the trial ones) or cake decorating for celebrations for the mum’s at the school or doing alterations on clothes, growing things in pots from seed…
    At this moment in time I send love. ❀

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  2. I was unemployed for 12 months. I looked and looked. Finally, a few montbs after unemployment benefits ran out, I was able to find a great job. Good luck!!! Stick with it.

    Can you beg a ride to work and bus home?
    Can you get into some type of medical or legal transcription service where you can work from home?
    Try selling your photos online or to a retailer?


  3. I do not know if this helps or not, but here where I live they have an after school program they started this year that helps with some child care difficulties. It also brings experiences that my son wouldn’t get any other way with the more “fun with learning” type classes they have. Maybe there is something like that where you live? Not sure how the time of day would work but here offices usually look for cleaning crews that perhaps you can find something like that, or even start your own house cleaning business. With the hours you posted, perhaps you can clean while the people are at work and they come home to a clean house and you are a self starter businesswoman.

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  4. I wish you so much luck. If you find anything, maybe you could also supplement your income with some direct sales thing like Scetsy? I have a friend who doesn’t have to work that hard at it who gets pocket money without annoying everyone she comes across and all the lame “parties” and such. Just a thought. Hope you find something that is fulfilling and pays well.

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  5. Something working in a school or playgroup might work, e.g. lunchtime supervisor or helping children with their reading. There are websites where you can upload your photos to and people can buy them. is an example used by photojournalists.

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  6. It’s not much, but some little restaurants will allow you to work minimal hours to cover a change in shifts. Some will work with you as far as your schedule is concerned. Just a thought until you’re able to come across something a little better. 😦

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  7. I have a friend whose in a similar situation of looking to return to work with kids. She’s looking at medical billing, which I believe has flexible and work at home hours.

    Perhaps a job recruiter online or in your area can also help with finding what available that fits in with your requirements.

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  8. Being a mother and finding a job to accommodate the family is a very tricky puzzle, society doen’t seem to want to acknowledge that children need care and not everyone has a family to just do it for them. Good luck, wish there was an easy solution!

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  9. Wishing all good luck to sort something that you will even be a bit satisfied with kelzbelzphotography.
    I am in quite a different situation but am trying to find positivity which as you know at times is so very hard. Tomoro is the start of my battle proper so if I come up with any tips, I will pass on. Will keep watching your blog hoping for some success for you πŸ™‚

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  10. You could try to find temporary work at a cafe or fast food place. They are often looking for help with the lunch rush, 11:00-1:00, and experience isn’t usually necessary. Doesn’t pay well to start, but it’s something to fill in the gap until the right job comes along or you can build up your cleaning clients.

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  11. I’ve read somewhere that telling a future employer that you were a stay at home mom is actually a good thing. You can put it down on your resume, because in fact you were a cook, maid, nurse, organizer, manager lol, and so much more. It really shows that you have the ability to multitask and the patience that maybe most don’t. Good luck

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