Odd things about me

Odd things about me

Randomly keep thinking about things that are well random

– I love baking and cake decorating but never eat what I’ve created

– have have hundreds of dollars worth of alcoholic drinks in my house but I don’t drink it (I use to party plan sell it and its my kit)

– I’ve grown a veggie garden. But have thrown out at least half of it because I forget its there ( crazy considering I water it morning and night)

– I had a major fear of driving even though I had zero reason to

What’s your most odd traits


41 thoughts on “Odd things about me

  1. I usually buy books because I want to read them but at least 40% of the reason I’m buying it is to fill in the gaps on my Book shelf. I don’t know if that’s unusual but I wanted to contribute something. 🙂

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  2. I love baking and sharing the fruits of my labours, but definitely consume some of it myself; I don’t drink alcohol or have it in my house; I’ve done totally the same with veggie gardens in the past; and I, too, used to have a fear of driving. I got over it when I drove solo across the U.S. (my young daughter was with me — not driving). For my current most interesting “odd trait,” you can check out my “Phone Phobia” post 🙂

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  3. I have an eerie feeling when I see packaged juices! I am a big fan of fresh fruits! When I ee the packaged drinks, It makes me feel whole world is fake :O

    I hate the noise when I scrap mango flesh near the seed!!

    You know what, I was collecting five such facts about myself for blog post and here you go… I have used them in a comment for your post, LOL

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  4. I have been a member of the “Blue Flame” club since the age of 16, for those of you who don’t know what the Blue Flame club is…. it’s when you deliberately expel gas (farts) and your best buddy holds a bic lighter to your backside , igniting the flatulence, the bigger the flame or fire ball the higher your standing in the club! ( I am serious..it’s an actual club!) eh maybe it’s a Canadian thang

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  5. I bake like mad. I always think I can do better than the recipe, or make a shortcut, and then when I get serious and follow it exactly I don’t like it and have to throw it out. I cut the sugar in half for sweets and I do not understand why I should put over a tablespoon of salt in my double loaf of bread.
    So I am an erratic baker. But I like my cookies burnt. That is how my mother made them, and that is how I prefer them. I have met no one else with such a preference, that I can recall.

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  6. I keep saying I’m going to cut my hair cause I can’t stand it and It takes me so long to comb it out. But I never actually cut it and its long enough for me to sit on.


  7. Ha ha love this! i am a clean freak and everything has it’s place. I don’t think that the alcohol wipes or gel cut it, you need to wash your hands! antibacterial spray everywhere 🙂 Oh my I just realized I have a germ fobe! lol

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  8. I knew we had more things in common lol and I’m so glad that I’M not alone with being random.. you need to read my post on my blog about how to drive in Dallas and it is just getting worse (I do not know how to put a link to it here)let me know what you think gurl..but I do have reasons not to like traffic…I have a hard time with writing blogs due to staying on subject but for the most part i do not care that is just part of me lol..I love getting to know more about you through post like this and of course all you share…I may take a hint off you and do a post something or just like this (soon)…I haven’t blogs in awhile I’am ashamed 😦 just trying to get things bak on track as in my stressed life and taking care of dad and no fucking time for myself…SHIT this gurl lucky to read others blogs 😉 I will have to think of my most odd traits…hope that you are having a wonderful Sunday…Suzette

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  9. Is it weird that all four of those match me? For the first one it bugs the heck out of my roommates because I stress bake and then don’t eat any of it but they can’t help themselves and end up eating my creations… The second one isn’t exactly me because I don’t have hundreds of dollars worth of alcoholic drinks but we do have quite a bit in the apartment… The third one is so true because I have a garden but I hate eating veggies so they usually go to waste.. and the fourth is so accurate it’s not even funny. I didn’t get my license until I was nineteen and people always asked me if I was in a tragic accident when I was younger but no I was just afraid of driving…

    To add to the list I drink way too much coffee and with the oddest foods too… and coffee just makes me sleepy so the desired effect never comes about.

    Hmm.. I love to dance spastically in the kitchen when I cook and bake! Freaks the roommates out though…

    There are tons more I could add but I have to maintain some facade of normality.

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