Fab feb day 17

Fab Feb day 17

Today’s a very lonely day for me. Been at a loss all day. Can’t seem to settle into anything. Positive my home is super clean


38 thoughts on “Fab feb day 17

      • Sorry, did not mean to confuse. I simply wanted to express that I can resonate with your feelings, and I was under the impression that your house was already all cleaned up, so you`d have all the time to relax.. not think, just enjoy yourself, be playful.. something 🙂 I was trying to be motivating in a non-stressing way. (And the opposite perhaps came to rise.. irony hitting in). I thought that maybe you posting how you felt, I responded to it, in itself could spark something to movement. Don`t think about it.. I was just saying “hello” in a somewhat longer version. Hope you`re more “up” again.


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  1. Wow.
    Been feeling like what you’re feeling for quite a while. I never talk about it. And here you are so open on how you are feeling about everything. You impress me! I like you. I think you sooo cool.
    Yeah, something comforting about you, you know?

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  2. Cleaning is a great stress releaser and empty time filler. Put some good music on and sing while you clean (I listen to worship music, Kim Walker Smith). I promise, this will pass, you will get through it, one day at a time. When you have come through to the other side, not only will you have a clean house, but a fresh perspective and a renewed joy.

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  3. Hey, thanks for following me.
    Ha we should’ve chatted – I felt like this yesterday. Hope tomorrow’s brighter. Do something you love! For me, I should’ve eaten chocolate cake. 🙂

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