Fab Feb day 18

Fab Feb day 18

Made it to town to go supermarket shopping, bussing both ways with out a panic attack. Sounds small but is huge


32 thoughts on “Fab Feb day 18

  1. I have a child that has anxiety issues and panic attacks. I love when people share about their own. I can share stories like this and then she knows that she is not alone. And she can make a life for herself.

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  2. Anxiety is exhausting. I went to the grocery store two days ago and experienced a minor fit. Fortunately, I went with a friend who was able to calm me down and distract me with other things while we were filling our carts. I take the bus most ways still, and I guess that adds to the anxiety, making everything fit to where you can carry it home, you know.

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  3. A big step for mankind 😊😊💖 I know how hard them days are, I remember times I would get all ready, then get to the door and I was back in my pjs and on the sofa, try again the next day I though 😔 well done you 😃😃😃✨✨😃💖💖💖

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