Let’s play a little game

Right. Question for all you lovely followers.

I’m in a random don’t want to think mood.

So let’s play a little game

Say I said to you right now. You can have 3 things (only 3, and can’t include people. Must be specific. You can’t say “food” but say steak or yougurt.) What would they be?



Because water can be found anywhere to add to the coffee, and the flint can heat the coffee and light my smokes, keep me warm. Believe me with those three things I make a functioning human lol

Over to you


110 thoughts on “Let’s play a little game

  1. LOL..I hate to be a copy cat..but I would go the the same. If I quite smoking anytime soon, I would substitute “ciggy” with bacon. I mean..come on…it’s meat candy.

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  2. I’m going to interpret this as you giving me three things I don’t have. So my picks are a tiller for my garden, an external hard drive for my laptop, and two guinea pigs (including cage, food, bedding).

    I would be such a happy camper with those things.

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