She’ll never for get you


I want so badly to forget mark. But reality I can’t. Endless battle of well everything


21 thoughts on “She’ll never for get you

  1. I feel this so much on many days. I want so badly to forget Cris and I fill my days and nights with distractions – but in the quiet of the the early morning hours, he creeps into my thoughts, unbidden.

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  2. Beautiful memories are worth not forgetting! But, consider it like this: You do want new , better and sweeter memories and you have limited space. So when you make new ones, old ones will get replaced automatically. Don’t make a conscious attempt to do so!
    It will happen sooner or later!

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  3. Don’t wish for the memories to disappear. They are part of who you are…obviously a deep part. This is not a bad thing. As you move on, you will know that we all have history and it shapes and molds us into who we are this day. It is life…and not always easy!

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