Don’t ever give up


I want sharing my experiences to give just one person hope that you can claw your way from the deepest darkest hole and survive


29 thoughts on “Don’t ever give up

  1. Same here, I would like to think that when people read my story/blog, they will see I go to some great places in my mind ( my life) also the darkest, but they see my strengths that I found that got me out those dark places and learn from them, and now share with others ..

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  2. Amen and so very needed. My Dad lost the use of one of his legs when he was a senior in high school in the early 1930’s. He gave me such inspiration as I grew up as he was a rather rough and tough cowboy and I did not realize that he had a handicap with his leg….he lived his life 1000% and never complained. He always told me, “now you keep on a going and never give up” and even though he was not alive when I went through breast cancer, I felt his heart with me and I was determined to never give up or give in…its been 9 years:) And I’m keeping on keeping on:)

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      • Thank you:) Dad was injured in a football game…and it was before they had penicillin…he had a staph infection and was in a body cast for a year….the only way they could treat the infection then was going into his leg and scarping out the infection to save his life. The staph never went away entirely…but Dad lived his life with grace and joy. I was blessed to be his daughter…I think we all can inspire others by keeping on a going no matter what. You too are in inspiration:) I am glad that I found your blog:)

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  3. I agree! There is nothing better than feeling as if you made a difference because people took the time to read what you wrote! I feel that anything bad we go through… is not a waste if we can share with others so that we can help them not feel the pain we have.
    Nothing is a better compliment than having someone stop in to tell me that something that I said made them think! 🙂

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  4. Throughout life I have discovered that I have inspired and helped people It is humbling and mysterious because I didn’t know I was making an impression on them at all .In other words don’t strive. If it is going to happen —it will!

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  5. Reblogged this on Theincensewoman and commented:
    Giving up means you are letting the other person or persons win. Have the strength to come back and do what makes you feel good. You are here for you and that is what matters. There is always a bad seed or seeds in the bunch, but you end the winner for not giving up. My thoughts. My husband said do what makes you happy and forget about the rest. Thanks my best friend for watching my back. Theincensewoman

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