Fab Feb day 22

Fab Feb day 22

Looking through photos of my children I’ve suddenly realise that despite the fact I’ve made so many parenting mistakes held guilt and shame. Thought my children would be better off with me gone (warped mind of a sick person at that time). And a million other things. That I’ve single handedly raised two smart, creative, passionate, loving, kind children for over 12 years. I’m so grateful I’ve had the chance to be a mum to the most amazing little people.


40 thoughts on “Fab Feb day 22

  1. Wonderful retrospection! You are not alone as 6 out of 10 parents feel the same way. Got to blame the kind of society we live in these troubled times. Let’s hope the coming generations will lead better lives (perhaps that’s what our parents and grandparents thought)! Anyway, let’s find solace in the words: “Hope springs eternal in the human bosom”! All the best!

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  2. If you didn’t have any of those thoughts and feelings, then that’s when you should be worried. You are doing a great job and even if you aren’t perfect, you’re are perfect for them. You are a wonderful person to follow and I couldn’t imagine you being any worse even as a mum. ❤️

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  3. There isn’t a parent alive who hasn’t made mistakes and wishes, in retrospect, they may have done something differently. But we do what we feel is best for our children in the moment. Unfortunately, children, like most people, remember more of what you didn’t do for them, rather than what you did do. And Mothers, bless their hearts, almost always bear the brunt of those thoughts, especially where daughters are involved. Hopefully, as they get older, experience life and have children, they come to understand that parenting is never perfect. Their own mistakes should teach them that lesson.

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  4. you are such a great parent and person… we are human we get sick and we try to do our best and what is best for our self and lil ones..you are such an inspiration and such beauty …keep hanging in there…i’am glad to have the chance to read what you write and get to know you for who you are..thank you…..Suzette

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  5. Trust me on this, your children would never be better off with you gone. My father disapeared after the divorce and did not see us again until after many years. I had such a troubled childhood because of it. But glad you see things differently.

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