Question, is age just a number?

Question, when is an age gap in a relationship an issue? 10 years? 20 years? 30 years?

In my opinion is only an issue if you let it be. Age is simply a number. Unless if course one is under age.

I’ve been thinking about it a bit lately due to a situation I’m in. Weighing up weather a certain age gap is something I’d be fine with. Given at different ages some tend to be at very different stages in life. What others might say etc. And given I normally would not consider a big age gap.

For this one thing it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

What’s your opinion?


153 thoughts on “Question, is age just a number?

  1. I don’t think it should matter. Love is just one of those things. Have you ever watched the movie Harold and Maude? I like that movie, it’s about an old woman and a teenage boy who fall in love

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  2. As long as you don’t give a flying fuck about what other people think then it is just a number. I personally do not care as long as my partner accepts me for who I am. 🙂

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  3. I have to admit that I came here because I just published a post and you “LIKED” it before you could have possibly read it, and wanted to see what you were about… And I must say… that I am glad I came because I have actually “read” your first few posts and I LOVE your blog and your honesty, I just had to follow!
    I was discussing this with a fellow blogger friend on one of my recent comments and we have decided that we can learn things from kids in their twenties and NOTHING from people older than us who think they HAVE the answers! Age is just a number and I love it!

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  4. OK @ 40/ 20. If it is a true love and lasts, 70/50 ain’t so good. The elder starts off by looking over their shoulder in case there is hokey pokey and as time passes the younger is a carer as well as a lover. Not easy. Opinion : run.

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