Right another question for you

Right another question for you all.
I have ocd so clean to much. I’ve got no spare money so am at home pretty much 24/7. I’m socially well awkward so really keep to myself.

Question. What hobbies or things to do can you recommend?

I need to change things up in my life.

As you know, I blog, do photography, cake decorating chocolate making. I enjoy reading. Go our walking. Have recently started watching movies. But I feel I need something new

Would love to hear your ideas


105 thoughts on “Right another question for you

  1. puzzles are fun! and i recently bought my dad a mat that rolls up so that you can make and store a puzzle on it without messing it up-just so you know they’re out there!

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  2. To calm my OCD i read tons of books , i ve got a baby so i m busy the whole time, but i like to go out for walks which is something i can do with my baby, i like to cook, and write 🙂 xx


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