I was surrounded by darkness

I was surrounded by darkness
Now I’ve found my light
The glimmer of hope
To make me reach forward
Strive for greatness
To let my character evolve
To become more then my illness
Letting happiness touch my heart
Let life flow through my vains


16 thoughts on “I was surrounded by darkness

  1. Yes, only when life flows through your veins, happiness can touch every part of your self. There will be light and happiness always in your life when you nurture hope which springs eternal in the human bosom. May happiness illuminate your life at all times!

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  2. Now that is an image, That is Love, that is life and if I may

    While darkness surrounded me
    My heart was with Thee
    As a silver lining shone through
    I could only pursue
    As greatness eluded
    My core stiffened in pain diluted
    For my happiness was your words
    No matter the hurt
    You would be there

    Such inspiration in your words all I could do was write. Please keep them coming.


  3. I liked it. It’s an understatement to say that almost everything comes down to the attitude you “choose” to cultivate. You’re never going to completely wipe out the bad feelings but you CAN choose not to have an opinion about them. I treat them as relatively worthless, I don’t emphasize the pain and it seems to keep everything a little lighter.

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