So I took a few days off

So I took a few days off from posting to catch up with comments and other peoples blogs. Mmm instead I went for random swims at the beach, watched movies. Read “handle with care by jodi picoult” (by the way awesome book by my Fab author). Spent time cooking as a family. Lots of time with my kids and my sailor. Its been bliss. But I’ve missed been on here so I’m back πŸ™‚


43 thoughts on “So I took a few days off

  1. the beach… *sigh*… Thanks so much for following my blog, BeingZora! Please continue to follow me, like me, or just ogle the photos at I promise to do the same at your site! I totally appreciate you stopping by and leaving comments over all this time! Even if you’re just stopping by, checking out the photos, leaving a β€œlike” and moving on, I really appreciate it and don’t want to lose you as I move and rename my site. Thanks! In dreams, ZoraB.

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  2. It is so difficult to keep up and I’m always worried that I have missed countless wonderful posts from the people I follow never mind those that are unknown to me! I guess it’s like books ~ there just aren’t enough hours in the day to read everything that appeals to us. But you spent your time wisely!

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  3. That book IS awesome. Jodi is a great writer. I’ll tell you who is another fab writer: Diane Chamberlain. Try her book “The midwife’s confession”. It’s an interesting read πŸ™‚

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