Had to share


Ladies do you agree 🙂


63 thoughts on “Had to share

  1. LOL no, I have an auto aversion to the tats and muscles type … It’s not fair to have such a bias and I’m working on it but I won’t be power walking for them any time soon. I spent too much time working in a health club and that has made me more appreciative of the sweet soft body dudes with a life outside of the health club.

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  2. Once upon a time I would have broken a sweat but now, meh, maybe I would turn my head and then continue doing what I was doing. It takes a lot to impress me now that I am older, a bit more bitter and a hell of a lot more cynical!

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  3. HELL YES! Not ashamed to say it. I like nicely toned arms and well placed tattoos. I even post “Tattoo Thursdays” on my Facebook page because I enjoy it more than “Throw Back Thursdays”. Tattoos on guys is wonderful eye candy!

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  4. Muscles and tattoos are not the measure of a man. It’s his mind and personality that are so attractive and how he thinks. That’s why he’s so beautiful. And if he’s British and witty…..oooof. Perfect.


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