I feel different

I feel different. I’ve allowed my routines to relax. Not scumming to the intense need of black and white. Rules and answers. I’ve been spontaneous. I’ve been a little reckless. I’ve allowed fun to take over. I’ve jumped in the ocean fully dressed to see my children Smile. I lost myself in the swings at the park. I’ve picked up old hobbies especially reading and photograph,y. Ive watch movies. I’ve turned the radio up so loud that the house nearly shook. Dancing and singing. I’ve relaxed my cleaning. I’ve tried different foods. Ive gotten out if my house. Ive spoken to new people at school pick ups. Ive smiled and held my head high around people around people I’d wish not to see again. Ive allowed myself to be vulnerable to a man again. Its different. Its powerful. Its so damn rewarding.


29 thoughts on “I feel different

  1. That is absolutely amazing that you’ve done all of those things. THAT is how one enjoys life — in the little things, the big things, in everything…I applaud you.

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  2. You are living life by your own rules. That is a prescription I wish I could give to many people in my life. I’m so tired of watching incredibly entertaining and brilliant people following a path that they think they SHOULD be following. I keep telling these people that you only get one shot on Earth, and why you would want to waste it following someone else’s objectives blows me away.

    Great post! Also, the header image is very nice.

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  3. Vulnerability – it’s a beautiful thing. With our lovers, but all the more with life – accepting the vulnerability of chance through spontaneity and flexibility, it opens us up to the arms of the divine, so that it might embrace us the way our lovers do if we allow them in. We are born free, and the universe rewards us when we step up to that. Those smiles would have been worth all the laundry in the world!

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  4. I finally figure it out; why Like your post; its your vulnerability. You open the doors, the windows and sometimes the roof, to let everyone see what your are feeling!!!!!


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