I’m missing my best friend

I’m missing my best friend. She use to be heaps. Lots of visits lots of contact. Now she’s backed off. I know she’s going through a challenging time. She’s pregnant and struggling. She has her own family and other friends. When she came over the other day I asked her why she was being a stranger. She replied that she was giving me space. She is so happy for me and sailor. I reassured her that just because I’m dating someone doesn’t mean our friendship needs to change. Its important to me. She to knows sailor. And for once really happy I’m with someone. No jealousy like normal. I guess I just miss her


14 thoughts on “I’m missing my best friend

  1. It’s definitely good that you both talked about this. Communication is always important and when it’s not there, it makes things difficult as it continues. Best of luck to you and your sailor, and for having a good friend who is supportive! πŸ™‚

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  2. Tricky situation – requires lot of tightrope walking and rather difficult to reach the other end unscathed! It’s kinda tough for the person at the receiving end to avoid feelings of jealousy, obviously. At times, human relationships get rather slippery and complicated, perhaps signs of the changing times! Moral of the story: pull up your socks and move on because life has to go on come rain or shine!

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  3. She seems to be very thoughtful; I’d bet she is missing you too, but she wants you to enjoy your new love. She’s not a selfish sort, but a selfless one. You mean a lot to her and she’s giving you space to enjoy your new relationship. Sweet and dear.

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