Sorry men ya prob

Sorry men ya prob wanna run for this post or hide lol. But damn hormones got me so freaking messed up at the moment. I know I’m happy. But my poor sailor and kids. Didn’t know what hit em today. Drained and unmotivated followed by intense need to clean and be productive. Smiling and laughing. Then nearly in tears because my daughters been a little monkey and the thought of sailor leaving. Even though don’t know when, n sure he’ll be back. From wanting to be around people to needing to be alone. Crazy I tell ya they making me crazy. My hormone’s are bit like the weather today. Four seasons in one day lol


20 thoughts on “Sorry men ya prob

  1. Sorry you’re on the hormone roller coaster. Not a fun ride lol I usually end up hiding in my room when I’m like that…for the safety of others. Hope you start feeling better soon! 🙂

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  2. Definitely not alone – and I ain’t even got kids! Or a man for that matter… lol… but I get the feeling of wanting to be with people, then wanting everyone to bugger off – and all in the space of 30 minutes, maybe even less… uuuuurrrgggghhhhh…

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