mental illness

You don’t have a mental illness?
You’ve never tried nor experienced suicide?
I envy you!
You’ve never felt the intense fear of the unseen barrier prevent you from leaving your own home?
Count yourself as bless!
You’ve not steered in the mirror angrily hating every inch of your own body?
You’ve never seen the panic within someone’s eyes knowing they can’t make it better?
Be grateful!
Never been called an attention seeker because lack of understanding?
Again your lucky!

Be kind people. You may not have the inside knowledge on what a hidden illness feels like. But you can show compassion, understanding, love. You may never know but you could just save someone’s life by a little empathy. I’m grateful if your one whom doesn’t suffer, its a cruel and unusual mind set I’d not wish upon my worse enemy. I just ask that you be kind. Because in my darkest hours what pulled my back was the simple act of a smile and I’m here for you.


48 thoughts on “mental illness

  1. I like to think deep down everyone is mentally ill. Deep down. But I know that’s not true…I just get so uncomfortable around people who seriously don’t understand. No fault of theirs, they just don’t grasp it. Why can’t we just snap out of it? Sorta thinking….it’s tough

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  2. You know everyday I try to do something for someone I don’t know like if I’m in the drive-up at Starbucks, I pay for the guy in back of me. If I’m at the gas station, I pay for someone’s gas. 2 reasons, 1 it makes me feel good and 2 you don’t know if that gave someone some hope that needed pulling back from the edge. I think everyone is going through something and we could all be a little bit kinder ❤ Happy Wednesday Evening

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    kelzbelzphotography is absolutely correct. I could go on and on.

    You don’t have a mental illness? Then you’re lucky and you know nothing about how it effects people.
    You don’t suffer each day and have a hard time cleaning your house due to spinal pain caused by multiple incidents…. Consider yourself lucky.

    Always consider the issue of others before talking your talk. Be nice to others.

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  4. People affected by physical illness are offered considered victims of their circumstances… people with mental health are often seen as the cause of theirs… double standard. As far as I am concerned, mental health is simply cancer of the spirit…and should be treated with the same compassion as other serious health issues.

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  5. I feel how you feel when I read, I was once having the same thought as you..
    But, keep calm and stay strong, no worries and be happy!
    have a nice day 🙂

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  6. One of the main reasons why I started my blog, beyond feeling led by the Lord, was a suicide of someone in our church. I didn’t know him well, but he had confided in my husband he was depressed and had attempted once before. I realize that in that state sometimes there isn’t anything that anyone can do, but I want to use my blog to encourage people and let them know they are not alone. Thanks so much for being willing to share this. 🙂


  7. Could totally relate to that last line of your post Ma’am! One can never really understand the value a simple smile or reassurance holds for the one who needs it the most!
    (Pardon the formal salutation, had been reading a lot of old English literature lately!)

    P.S: Thank you for checking out my blog.


  8. That last sentence is a gem. There are people out there who may or may not suffer from mental illness, but who do try to manipulate the feelings of others for personal gain. Usually those people are takers. It’s all about “I want, I need” in every post they publish. It’s good to read someone say “I’m here for you.”


  9. and I’m here for you, from one who’s back has been pulled by an unseen force many many times, and who has lost the ones she’s loved the most through sheer lack of understanding. x x

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  10. I didn’t think bipolar disorder or depression are real. I blamed my mother for her needy, Manipulative thinking and was angry at her inability to maintain control of her mind. I stayed in denial as my mother and sister were diagnosed and medicated. Then my eldest child. Then my youngest child. It took a series of real life stressors to knock me down, and it took not being able to get back up that made me realize that mental illness, in its awakeness, cannot be “thought” to happy or meditated to calm. When I gave my husband my weapon because I no longer trusted myself with it, I knew I needed help. Now, I’m apologizing to my mother, siblings, and children. The struggle is real. I guess I don’t need the world to understand mental illness, but I’d very much be interested in how not to let it be the earth of me. Enjoyed your write.

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  11. Being happy all the time is not mental health, it’s crap! People are so judgemental these days. Everyone should pay more compliments to eachother and remember it’s okay to have bad days.


  12. I have also lived the same thing and have a child living on the streets with mental illness. My next blog will be about homeless, mental illness, addiction, travelers…things that no one wants to address. I’m doing research right now and trying to find interviewees.


    • I did the research and now talk about it on youtube. I run a business and at first was afraid of ‘coming out’, lest my customers think me insane and not want my products, but now I’ve made friends with my bipolar and borderline, and I do the best I can with it. The problem is that there is no education on mental illness for the general public, so people are afraid and have the wrong perception and idea about it completely!! It’s a cruel, horrific, horrible thing to have, but there are ways to be happy, in spite of being ill. Please check out my channel on youtube: bipolarline – I give good advice. x x x

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