Mirrored beauty



26 thoughts on “Mirrored beauty

  1. This fits with your question of knowing. There is a wonderful effect here, where the exposure on the positive that we can directly see washes out some of the detail. That detail remains in the reflected negative, but the reflection is distorted by the top of the water.

    To know the colors and textures in the flower, we look at both the positive and the negative. Both sides have their visual distortions, but in both cases there is a truth about the original object that we cannot see in the other. The color in the subject, the texture in the reflection.

    We only really see one at a time, but we can know both. So getting to your question of the day, we know the flower, we know the flower’s reflection. We know both are the same, but while we see the one, the other can still surprise (and hopefully and delight) us.

    The same is true with knowing people, only people have a choice in their surroundings. We tend to stand near mirrors that reflect us how we imagine we want to be seen, sometime more beautifully, sometime as the horrific monster we think we are. Our friends have the capacity to know us, and sometimes they see us for who we are, not the reflected image. Sometimes, they do still get confused. That does not mean they cannot know us, it just means we are complex.

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