For the first time

For the first time in a long time I feel truly alive. I’ve been working towards a simple life. One where I am genuinely happy. Where BPD is part of me, but not how I define myself. One where anxiety is still there but no longer over takes my world. To the point I can look at my past and see it as just that my past. To look upon my experiences as a lesson not a burden. BPD reared its ugly head but quickly I was able to pull myself back. To feel what I’m feeling and know its ok to not be ok.


19 thoughts on “For the first time

  1. i’m very glad! ‘Takes hard work sometimes, but the result is worth it.
    Let’s keep it that way!
    (Feeling alive is the whole point of life isn’t it?)
    Take care

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  2. It is not easyto relax. I found by letting the pass go and not blaming anyone for what my subconscious feel was wrong for me I could let the past go. I have not forgot they did the best for us. Good luck with your goal

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