A little jealous


Nah that’s a lie I was a lot jealous seeing someone with a decent camera while I snapped away on my near dead camera lol


27 thoughts on “A little jealous

  1. Its the final product that matters and not the device – the paintings of the old school of artists are worth a thousand times their weight in gold, who never used any of the present day hi-tech materials like brush, color, paint, canvas or whatever. You are just great and just go on with the good work on the way to becoming the greatest!

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  2. I’ve got a friend, career photographer and he prefers to use cameras that are damaged. He’ll use broken lenses and digital cameras with the electronic zoom or flash fucked up. Some of the most unique photos I’ve ever seen. U don’t need a new camera, u don’t need ur old camera. Ya need a broken camera lol 😉 By the way, thanks again for liking one of my recent posts.

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  3. I can relate. I’ve been shooting with my old Canon 40D for years and it’s on its last leg. Sad thing – I work for Canon. I guess it’s a testament to quality, though. It’s been through shooting two hurricanes, two tropical storms, extreme weather at Mt. Washington, getting banged around while mountain climbing and a lot of bumping around during urban exploration. My next camera will be a full-frame. I’m not replacing the zombie camera until it just doesn’t work at all, though.

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