Letting go of the labels

Been worrying about the situation with sailor. We’re dating but what does it mean. Are we together? I don’t really get the dating thing. But then I realised I was trying to label it. Fact is he’s here, I’m here, we have great times. Yip he’s going away soon and its going to be a tough few weeks. But we’ve talked and I know he’s defs coming back, and he topped my phone up so we could still be in contact while he’s gone. He rocks my world in every way. He’s passionate, caring, makes me feel sexy, gives me butterflies when I see him. Puts me in the best mood going to sleep in his arms and waking beside him each morning. He’s awesome with my children. Everything is making me happy with him. I’m learning about him slowly. I’m letting my walls down with him. I was looming at him before and realised I trust him 110%. And that’s powerful for me. I don’t trust easy. I don’t allow people into my world, my bubble. So whatever we are I’m happy


37 thoughts on “Letting go of the labels

  1. Labels are like Expectations. Great for those who need to organise their lives, a hindrance for those who would prefer to enjoy life. They create a definition of success or identity, and when things don’t meet those guides, we get depressed, disappointed, confused, angry, or aggressive. They are counter productive to enjoyment, harmony, and self-discovery.

    Letting go can be hard, but the rewards are usually worth it.

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  2. But what if the “label” you want is “marriage”? Does that not count as a label?

    I am all for erasing judgmental labels–no need for making folks feel bad–but what happens when decisions must be made? Will you be satisfied with no labels forever?

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  3. Well, its customary to label anything and everything under the sun.
    However, certain labels are a necessity in life like indicating the contents of a bottle with labels such as ‘HONEY’ and/or ‘POISON’ without which life-threatening accidents might take place. Hence, at times, labels become absolutely necessary for good or bad, and so, to label or not to label, is left to the discretion of the individual concerned.

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  4. I don’t understand dating, either. I only know how to commit. I suppose you just have to be comfortable with the flow, the speed, the journey. I think it is a time to learn each other. I bet each relationship is unique, just as people are. I cannot imagine what it is like, but I am happy for you!

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  5. He’s in your heart babe, and that is a scary place for us, but the most exhilarating. The mind and our body are here to keep us going.The fearful part of us tells us the risk. But there is always a risk. If you marry someone and fall in love, there is a risk, they will die, they could leave. So, what do we do? Stay in the closet? No, we live and risk, because there is no protection needed, we are safe. WE just told ourself we were not. And believed it. If we take our fears and look at them. I mean turn around, and be like,”Ok, fear, what you got?” And then look at it all. We see then with the light fully on, what it is, FALSE. EVIDENCE, APPEARING, REAL. And it takes you out of this moment.Labels are for the Ego to understand. Because we thought it was info we needed. The truth is, life is an ever-changing experience, and to hold onto old intel is just stupid. Live in this moment child, for it is the only one you have my dear. It is all we all have. xox

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  6. I believe that labeling something is way too much work and causes way too much stress and overthinking. I’m glad you are happy where you are with him. I do not know either one of you but have been reading your blog for some time and it seems like he treats you well and makes you very happy. 🙂

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