The new me

Me single usually means lonely. So I get busy, online selling, immaculate home, constant baking, cooking, skinny, etc. I full in my time so well I don’t have time to dwell on things.

Me in a relationship. Normally means I let things drop. I get comfortable, drop my hobbies. My world revolves around that person and my kids. I sort of forget myself.

This time its not going to happen. I won’t allow it. I can have it all. I have wonderful man, time together, time with my children. Me time. I’m still keeping up my photography and running what I consider a successful blog. I’ve started new hobby’s with the zentangling. I’ve lessened my need for perfection with home and cooking. But still enjoying it. I’m watching movies. Having fun.

But most of all I’m not losing myself for another person. I’ve gained a new confidence within myself. Unplugged new creative outlets. I’m motivated with being a good person to me so I can be to sailor and my children


57 thoughts on “The new me

  1. Great read! I use to feel like I lost myself in my relationship and my children as well. Now that I have found my way, I can now focus on my hobbies as well and just be me so to speak. Thanks for the reminder!!! Keep on pushing!!!

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  2. Its hard, this balancing act, isn’t it! When people ask me how I do it all, I simply say, I don’t! Cause really, I can’t. I focus on what’s important, and that includes me! Wonderfully written!

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  3. I think it’s awesome that you’re not losing yourself in a guy. So many people do that and I have seen that first hand in so many cases. You know you will be with the right guy when he helps you find yourself more instead of being so consumed with him. 🙂

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  4. Totally get this kelzbelz – I’ve completely lost myself in relationships then found myself at the other side of them wondering what’s left of me. I’ll stick my neck out and say it is largely a woman thing – being taught to be ready to bear children, where total focus is important for the child’s wellbeing probably means that we’re taught to immerse ourselves in all other relationships. I can say that more than a decade by myself (and dealing with lonely) taught me I don’t need to and this made me, like you, value and keep hold of more of me in my relationship now. If you spoke to my husband, he’d probably tell you that it is this separate bit that he finds most attractive! Don’t lose the amazing stuff you’re doing.

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  5. I LOVE this. This exactly how I used to be as well! You really do lose a sense of yourself when a relationship is new and exciting.
    Good for you for knowing what you need to do to keep him, your kids, and yourself happy!

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  6. This year we will celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary. The one thing I always tell new couples is that the “two becoming one” stuff is nonsense. You don’t have to lose yourself to be in a relationship. My wife and I are a couple but we are also two very different people with very different interests. The interests we share, we do together.

    I hope you’re able to keep yourself and enjoy your relationship, it really is the happy balance people need.

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