Sudden surge of energy

Sudden surge of energy propelled me forward. Sent me into the productive day I’ve had in quite sometime. Family outing, art, blogging, house completely cleaned, washing done, dinner, lunches for tomorrow, movie with my sailor, super long shower and pampering session. My children happy, my sailor happy and me super happy. I don’t know what came over me. Maybe it was cause I felt I was wasting time being low worrying about sailor leaving for a few weeks out of town for work. When I’d rather enjoy every moment he’s here. Or could be I’ve felt guilt for being snappy at my children and wanted the mum I like back. Perhaps cause I’ve felt low on energy and felt my house slipping. Maybe it was all of that or none. Either way I’m feeling so good right now. Kelzbelzphotography got her Grove back baby xox :):):)


32 thoughts on “Sudden surge of energy

  1. I believe you received some clarity on whats important, maybe in the form of a dream? You released what was holding you back and that’s why you had that huge burst of energy and did something productive with it. That’s wonderful.

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