Daily positive 18

I’ve all had a “thing” when I need a pick me up. Dying my hair. So today I treated myself. A whole $7 for a home hair dye. Fine from long red hair to golden brown. Feel fresher. Change was just what I needed even though its a lot darker then I hoped πŸ™‚


29 thoughts on “Daily positive 18

  1. My wife dyes her hair, and it seems like EVERY time it’s either too dark or too light when she’s done–even when she uses the same bottle twice in a row. The organic stuff she uses fades in about a month, and each time we have the same conversation.
    β€œIt’s too light/dark.”
    β€œYou say that every time.”
    β€œAnd I’m right every time.”
    β€œOf course you are, but it’ll fade. Always does.”
    β€œNot this week.”
    β€œYou still look fantastic.”
    β€œOh, shut up.”

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  2. That sounds like a fantastic idea, summer is coming, the cold is slowly leaving but it is leaving and a new hair colour would make a great way to say hello to the new season. Hmmm! what colour? what colour did you do? I am thinking a few colours mixed would be fun. Ah ha! blond, purple, red, and brown. Yup, this summer is going to ROCK! thank you for the great idea.

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