Daily positive 20

The courier arrived with a package full of new wood working and carving tools. Sailor handed me one and a piece of wood and said he thought I might like to try a design I told him I liked. He showed me what to do. I tried and hehe not so good. After a while of trying I said how hard it was. He asked if I was enjoying it tho and I replied I’m determined is that the same thing lol. Tried again getting easily frustrated he came and sat with me explaining it again, patiently showing me.

Lots of positives, time with my man, him sharing a passion. Me trying wood carving for the first time. Plus set myself a challenge to practice while he’s away so I can show him once he’s home again what I can achieve once I set my mind to something.

Love how encouraging support and patient he is.


29 thoughts on “Daily positive 20

  1. Your gravatar makes me howl with laughter. I write a blog peppered with faith and idealism and have a neive-ish point of view…and then here comes this worldly, attitude-on-a-stick gravatar of a lady who looks like she’s just finished having sex…and is willing to beat somebody up, if she needs to.

    How’s that for stereotyping? Thank you for this satisfying laugh…at myself!

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  2. Having a hobby is so important for mental health reasons, or so everyone keeps telling me. Hobbies just seem like a lot of work except photography so I am throwing myself into that. I do like working with wood though, I like the way the grain feels in my hands.

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  3. Love this post! Trying new things is so important, especially for creative people. I find that if I don’t try something new I get easily bored. Things may not turn out perfect the first time, but the saying “practice makes perfect” could never be more true.

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  4. There is a period of bonding with the wood and tools where one struggles to master the smallest cut unable to see the final work because it doesn’t reveal itself. It will. When the hands and tool do whatever they will as you see the picture in the unfinished grain you’ll know the art as well as the other art you accomplish so well. It’s not our lack of skill that defeats us. It’s our lack of understanding of the time needed to bond with the tools and media of our art. The fact that you try and continue to try will be a warm gift to your sailor.

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  5. Woodworking is really engaging. I just turned my 3rd pen. So satisfying! And doesn’t look too bad! There’s something to be said for the mindfulness of the process as well as pride in the final result – it’s good for us. 🙂

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