See you soon my sailor

I think it was put off for as long as possible. But time came for sailor to leave for work this morning. Gone for at least a week. We had a awesome day yesterday. Then I’m grateful my children stayed with grandma for the night. Going to the beach for burgers and to enjoy each others company. We went to bed and I just couldn’t settle. Not wanting to wake him I went down stairs for a few hours. Then realising what I wanted was to just be close to him. Watching him leave this morning was hard. I wanted to see him off at the bus but knew it’ll break me. He made me smile tho not half an hour later. He texted to say he missed me already πŸ™‚ decided today I need to keep busy so I’m off to clean. And daydream about when he comes home


19 thoughts on “See you soon my sailor

  1. I can completely understand how you feel–my partner is a merchant marine, and I have experienced this very same scene (minus the children in our case–insert many cats instead). Although I know how to focus much better than I used to, I will never be able to fully put aside how terrible it feels when he has to go away.

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