Long distance relationships


100% agree


53 thoughts on “Long distance relationships

  1. I don’t measure distance in a relationship by how far apart, physically, two people are. After all, there are couples who live in the same house and yet are miles apart in terms of communicating with each other and/or showing affection.

    As long as you have his attention and affection, which you do, then the physical distance doesn’t matter; you’re still together. 🙂

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  2. I recently was getting to know a guy from Paris… It was a tricky one as he kept giving me mixed signals… And now he’s not replied to any of my messages so I guess he found someone better… What a shame because I really thought he was a genuine guy who really wanted to get to know me and see where it was going… But I guess I was wrong.

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  3. My husband and I were long distance for almost 3 years before landing in the same city. While I don’t recommend being long distance that long, I was glad that were started out as long distance. That way we could cultivate our lives outside the relationship–which made our relationship even stronger. It also helped us handle conflict, as we had such a short time together between trips, if we argued, we figured it out before it destroyed the whole trip. 🙂 You guys are gonna be stronger for this–even though it sucks right now.

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  4. I had long distance relationships for 20 years ( with different partners ), I never meant to but it happened that way, I think I honestly experienced the worst of it and hopefully there is still some of the best coming up… So agree with your statement ! XOXO

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  5. I did the long distance thing with my husband for 4 years before we got married. It was so worth it because I knew he was the one for me. Living on different continents was tough but it made our relationship so much stronger!


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