You may not agree but we

You may not agree but we all have a little mental illness in us. We all carrying traits of bpd, bipolar, anxiety, depression etc.

Don’t believe me? Take a lot at any of the mental illness info and tell me you can’t find at least a few that make you raise your eyebrows.

We may not all carrying enough traits to warrant that pretty little piece of typed paper stating we are fudged in the head. But Im telling ya its there those pesky traits.

So before we judge we need to take a hard look at the glass houses we live in. Because darling Mr/Mrs judgemental non fudged in the head, lack of empathy, scared narrow mind people. We all a little crazy. Some of us are just more accepting of our faults


76 thoughts on “You may not agree but we

  1. Just had such a conversation with a fellow colleague – I am just working to get people to treat mental health in exactly the same way as physical, spiritual, educational and financial health – I say don’t bottle it – we’re not pickled onions!! Free the pickled onions!!

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  2. There is truth in your words. Lol, so that is why I look for the “thing” in the shadows. What with our world turning everything over to computers (inevitably written by humans) the odd flaw or horror may reveal its self. Ouuu. Hence the rise in identity theft. Gosh, lil paranoia can’t destroy ya. [Gulps]

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  3. I agree completely! narrow-minded a holes should pay attention! I have a family member with mental illness and it never fails to amaze me how narrow-minded a lot of people are about mental illness. They can’t see it so they don’t believe, idiots

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  4. “Because darling Mr/Mrs judgemental non fudged in the head…’ This part had me laughing! I have YET to meet someone who is not just a little “fudged in the head.” But that’s what makes us all unique. My glass house shattered years ago, I realized that everyone has their own story and we are all perfectly imperfect.
    Let those cast stones, eventually their house will shatter too.

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  5. I think we do all have a little bit of something inside us that is more intense, but I wouldn’t go so far as to label it as a mental illness. As long as these intense characteristics allow us to live a healthy, vibrant life, why would it be defined as an illness?

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      • I like this. If I understood you, you are saying that when we don’t understand something, we label it as a mental illness. Or did I completely misunderstand?

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  6. I’ve dealt with anxiety and panic attacks in the past, and they are not fun! They left me in a fog and daze for a few days afterwards. I remember I had a panic attack so bad that I blacked out and don’t remember a lot of things. Luckily, I haven’t had one in a while, but I would have to agree with your post because we all deal with it in one form and extremety of another.

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    • I hear that a lot too. Husbands think it’s an endearment, and I guess it is. All writers live outside reality, but readers do as well. Our dreams will make the world a better place, crazy as they are.


  7. Er, that’s not really how it works. People make this mistake a lot. To qualify as a symptom of mental illness, it has to be severe enough to disrupt the person’s life. Just because you feel down now and again does -not- mean you have clinical depression, and just because you feel nervous sometimes does -not- mean you have an anxiety disorder. Mental illness is a pathological expression of fundamentally normal things. Just because everyone shares in the normal aspect of it is not at all the same thing as everyone being ‘mentally ill’ or even analogous to it.

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  8. No you didn’t misunderstand but it’s more general than that. Mental Illness is just one of many possible labels. The same argument can be applied to race, religion, gender, sexuality or anything else that can be pointed to and called ‘less than worthy’ and/or ‘not fit for society’. Consider how the Jews were treated in Germany, Black people by/in the U.S.A and other countries, LBGT everywhere, the indigenous by Canada and other countries, individuals with cancer many years ago, those with AIDS etc. etc. etc. ‘Different’ is scary because it challenges us so the cowards way out is to label it as ‘bad’ rather than just what it is ‘different than me’


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