Always just a few judgemental

Always just a few judgemental arses around. When you spend hours upon hours, day after day, month after month, for more 18 months, then you can tell me what to write or share. I put in the work. I run this blog. I decide what gets put up and when. So to the small minded judgemental few take alook at the unfollow button. Not rock science aye. If you don’t like it don’t follow. As for the bulk of my awesome followers thank you for you ongoing support on here.


67 thoughts on “Always just a few judgemental

  1. You are right. You do what is right for you. I am on your side. It is your blog. Keep doing it for you and forget the judgmental people that is their problem. Have a good day.

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  2. It can be upsetting when people get on and decide to be negative but I think what may help is instead of getting upset (which is of course hard to do while you’re reading) but maybe just maybe if you see the negative, cynical, ungrateful, etc comments for more than face value and see them more as an opportunity. An opportunity to strengthen your stance for the subject. Begin to see the “nay sayers” as a tool to progress what you know to be right in your own heart. Fuel for your compassion of what your saying, then those comments could be seen in a more positive light. Turn them around in such a way that you benefit from them. Know what I’m saying?

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  3. You write exactly what you want to write hun x. Fluff the rest of them. This is indeed your blog and who is anyone to tell you different! I love that we all write about different things from a different view point, this is what makes us fabulous, creative individuals. Keep the great work up.

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  4. Well said – you carry on just as you are doing. Unfortunately there are always going to be those who, unable to make a mark on life, choose to try and mark others – don’t let them! Your blog is great and I can’t really add much more than what others have already said apart from let’s just ignore the Dementors (thank you Harry Potter!) and celebrate who we are and every gorgeous word we have to say!

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  6. this is your space, use it as you see fit. the other day i received a really rotten comment via my Contact page. it was a troll. rare thing on my site but they get no mention. they may just be jealous of your blog or my photos. pay no mind to the trolls which gladly there seem to be few on wordpress.

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  7. really, you have had people say unkind things? your blog is really good, what the F is wrong with people and like you said, if they don’t like what you have to say, they can use the unfollow button! I think some people just like being disagreeable. sorry you have been exposed to idiots! Carry on sister in poetry! You rock!

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