See you all soon

Over and out bloggers land. Taking tomorrow off from here to support my best friend who’s dad just past away earlier today. Need to be there for her the best way I know how. For me to try to process the many emotions I myself are feeling. To organise suitable outfit for the funeral and to spend more time with my children. Emotionally I’m completely drained.and just don’t have the head space or mind frame to blog.

32 thoughts on “See you all soon

  1. I will hold you and your friend close in my heart and prayers at this difficult and sad time. I’m sure your presence with her will be very comforting and appreciated. Don’t forget to take a little time to care for yourself as well. much love, looking forward to your blogging return, be well.



  2. Thinking of you!! Supporting friends is important. Prayers for you and your friend and family.
    (I just realized I had been missing you in my reader feed–somehow I hit an unfollow button along the line-probably when I was reading or commenting on my phone! It may happen again–if you notice some follow/unfollows, that’s why! 🙂 )


  3. Many condolences to your friend. In times of need, you tend to find the strength that you need to push through. You’ve got this, friend.


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  5. Sometimes it’s tougher for those on the sidelines. You will be surprised at their strength. They will be emotional yet numb and foggy for a while.
    It’s down the track that they will need the most support
    when everyone goes back to their own life. What a lucky friend to have someone so caring.


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