Daily positive 24

I survived my worst anxiety filled day yesterday. It was the worse I’ve had in months. While I’m not 100% sure what caused the full body shakes that lasted hours at a time. I believe I’ve pushed myself to much this week. Trying to keep busy with sailor being away. With the death of a dear friends father. Financial pressures. Hormones. Lack of sleep. It did scare me though. I use to getting the shakes with my hands. But when I spreads through my legs I struggle to function. I couldn’t focus to blog, couldn’t stop shaking to zentangle. I ended up still going to town to do the weekly shop. And spent the afternoon playin easter mummy. Can’t wait to share the easter chocolates I created for my children and man. Anyways have a great day bloggers


33 thoughts on “Daily positive 24

  1. Anxiety is a bitch and a half, one minute you’re calm and ready as no challenge can defeat you, but if that mystery (or known) trigger flares up in our way it triggers the whole shutdown and fall apart process that destroys confidence.
    For me this is the reason I hate social spaces and waiting for things to happen that I know do not bring out my better traits.
    So full respect for pushing through it and hope your Easter is epic grade fun, and chocolate helps calm you down, if you need an excuse to eat copious amounts of it!!


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