Death and the life youve lived

This reminds me of my friends dad who just passed away.


See what I’ve been learning about (I’ll call him the cop) my friends dad the cop. Is that he lived for something. Not only did he reconnect with his only daughter. He had a living partner of I think about 15 years. He had an amazing successful career in the force spanning more then 40 years. I had a lot about him wrong. Maybe it was because when I really knew him I was a teen. He was a tough cop in suits. Flash homes. Nice cars and things. I thought he was a formal man. He was a parent. I’ve learnt more of him since his death. I happy to learn about his fun side. It wasnt just a parent, a cop, but a man who lived his life to the full.

6 thoughts on “Death and the life youve lived

  1. it’s hard to see the full scope of someones impact on their Family, Friends, and Community sometimes; it’s often when we gather to celebrate someones life in their passing where we gather our memories to see the full picture of a Loves ones life…. All ways loved and forever remembered…..


  2. I know a few people who will look at my art collection and think “I didn’t think he was on drugs” or “He really was depressed”! but for the few that know me better I hope there are no surprises when this mortal flame expires.
    As for who actually wants my art collection, I’d come back from the grave to see that!


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