Daily positive 26

Woke this morning about 6 am. I’m back to once I’m awake my brain goes into full throttle over thinking and there’s no going back to sleep. My anxiety is already pretty high as it the funeral today. But the positive I sat in my car port having a coffee and ciggy. Watching as the sun starts rising just below the houses in front. Seeing the clouds change from a dull pinky purple. To the most stunning red. Sometimes you just need to be grateful to have woken


13 thoughts on “Daily positive 26

  1. Very Good!!!!We are guaranteed nothing in this life except the breath you are taking at the moment.
    I live my life one breath at a time.
    I watch the sunrise; your description brought a smile to my face as I visualized it in my mind.
    You have a great day,


  2. so sorry for your loss, and glad to learn from your former post, that you’ve discovered some things about your friend’s “cop” dad that make you glad. praying for you… go easy on yourself for a few days, even though you are probably so giddy in love that it’s hard to stop racing…get sailor to sing you some lullabies πŸ˜‰


  3. Your death dreams are probably related to that funeral you mention. I wouldn’t worry too much I were you. Have a great week.


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