When someone gives you support youve never had

Before, its magic, its scary maybe even a little overwhelming. My sailor is blowing me away each and everyday. With his kindness, thoughtfulness and support. I’m not use to this level of support. He offered to come to the funeral. I replied I didn’t expect him to go to the funeral of a stranger. He replied I’m not going for them I’m going for you. I dropped the conversation because I didn’t know how to respond. The night before we talked about each others plans for the next day. Finally asked him to go. Of course he did. He’s a man of his word. Hes supporting my hobbies or this blog and zentangle. Weather asking questions or buying the pencils I needed. If I’m feeling down he does the little things to just as he calls it to make my life a little easier or happy. Having a conversation with my mum randomly about clothes etc. I told her I can’t wait hopefully another year and I can wear skirts. He asked why not now? Simply replied my scars. He told me I’m still beautiful. I have anxiety, he either holds my hand quietly, or distracts me and makes me laugh. He backs me with my children. Not being critical of my choices. When my children need something he, like certain clothes. He shocked me by taking them to get them. Now its not the money but the thought. I love the support, bit its going to take the time to get use to it. Even my mum said, bub your use to getting used and abused. Learn to accept it


18 thoughts on “When someone gives you support youve never had

  1. You wouldn’t think it’d be so, but when someone treats you lovingly and you’re not used to it…yes, it’s hard to accept!!! Almost uncomfortable, really. You start thinking when are they going ro pull the rug up from under my feet!!! Happy to hear you’re so happy!!!


  2. The first time I had support….honestly felt like I took a bullet to the chest….It was so unreal…
    We are supposed to feel cherished and supported…yet it has been rare for us…it takes a moment….but love always prevails.

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  3. Sounds like you found a keeper. It is difficult sometimes to accept something we have never had or yet to experience, but it is also wonderful to realize we have it, because we never stop believing somewhere on the inside, we deserved it (even if we would never allow ourselves to admit it out loud)! And after the last couple of years you have had, you definitely deserve it!!! πŸ™‚

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  4. You are deserving and not alone in feeling like you dont know how to respond to such an amazing support. Embracing this opposite of what we are used to is so hard but much wanted & needed for all πŸ™‚ happy for you


  5. It can be very hard to let a new person into your life when you are mentally ill. I have been let down by more friends then I can remember. My circle of trust is also very small. I hope he continues to gain your trust. He sounds like a special guy.


  6. It saddens me to know this treatment is something you’re not used to but it brings me great joy knowing you’re getting the chance to experience it.


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