You came back into my life when I believed

You came back into my life when I believed. Love only produced pain. Promises were only broken. Words never turned into action. Mostly that I never wanted to allow another man into my world. I thought I’d be better off alone. To have my walls built high. I couldn’t see my heart allowing me to love another. I had been used and abused. Taken for granted for the longest time. I couldn’t understand how a man would be proud to call me his partner. to be seen with me. I didn’t believe anyone would want to take on a uneducated women, a single mother of two. In goverment housing, no official work and heck add the mental health issues to me doesn’t much much of catch.

But here you came my sailor. All tanned, gorgeous, loving, creative, amazing. You made me feel vulnerable, sexy, beautiful, worth it. You are teaching me openness, how to trust again. You are teaching me a man can keep to his word. You look into my eyes and make me simply melt with anticipation, excitement, hope. You may not realise it my darling man, but your support is helping me gain confidence weather trying new hobbies, trying new foods, praise when I finally got it with cooking poached eggs. When you started call me sexy, hot, beautiful, I thought maybe you needed glasses. But as you keep saying it I’ve started thinking maybe I am a little bit of that.

You make me lost for words. There’s so much I wish I could say to you, I end up unable to explain how much you mean to me. How do I say with one look you make the butterflies deep within go completely out of control. That I want more then anything for you to be the one that sees all the sides of me. The good, the bad and the ugly. I want to be the women you look at as the one for you. That you can show me it all. All parts all sides of you. I want to be the women you look at and never doubt my love for you. That you can feel safe to be completely vulnerable with me and to know that you are the most amazing man who is simply incredible.

I admire your love and dedication to your stunning girls. Your fierce loyalty to you best friend. The way you greet new people, men a firm handshake and women a kiss of the cheek. It shows such respect. I admire how you look at a piece of wood and create amazing things. Passion when you talk of your work. How you treat my children, teaching my son in the kitchen, the Patience’s you show my little girl. How when your away you don’t forget them.

I love you, for so many reasons words can not describe. For what I’ve written. I love you in such a way it scares but completely excites me. Im grateful you walked into my life and want to stay. I hope I can give you all that you’ve given me. That the women I am is the women who can hold your hand as you reach and achieve each and every of your dreams and desires.

Time to go curl up with you my babe in the arms that make me feel like I’m worth it


14 thoughts on “You came back into my life when I believed

  1. Aww I totally love this. It got me smiling all the way to the end. You must have smiled a lot too when you wrote this. It’s a beautifully honest write 🙂 And before I see what else I can consume on your blog, let me say thank you to you for following my blog 🙂


  2. It makes me feel so indescribably happy to read these words and realise someone out there is so very deservedly at peace and in love. When you get up the courage, print this out and leave it for him. I guarantee you he’ll get everything you’ve never had the courage to say.


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