The first of its kind for Kelzbelzphotography

Basically I’m bored as heck and wanna see what your favourite blog entry is.

Share your links in the comments. Reblog if you’d like (just remember to go to your posts, click edit and add tags. So your awesome followers can see it to) blogs, photos, websites, favourite posts etc

Let’s get this party started people


74 thoughts on “BLOG PARTY – WHOS JOINING ME

  1. It was hard to find favorite posts, so I picked some that readers really liked. This October archive link goes to a review and an interview with author Donnell Bell, both of which were big hits.
    And another popular “hit” was this one where I shared my research on healing with crystals.
    I love getting your art in my e-mail. What an original blog. Thanks for sharing it and for starting the party.


  2. My most healing entry….as I’ve begun blogging to help people is the one I did on our decision to remain childless. You can find it here:

    And these two were fun to write:

    And I wrote this piece from my cat’s perspective:


  3. Great idea!
    My favourite is probably this one because when I started writing my blog I didn’t tell any of the family (apart from my husband) and I sent the first 4 chapters to my children and asked their opinion on sharing it on Facebook. They thought it was amazing and really encouraged me to carry on with it!


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