Yip hence being in the position I’m currently in (:)


15 thoughts on “90%

  1. so true.

    kelzblez, thank you for the follow on my blog. as you can see, I’m a new/lost/afraid/all over the shop and it is so nice to have someone say”i want to/will listen to you”….so thanks. it means a lot. i look forward to your posts and I find inspiration in how you authentic you are and how the wordpress community is gathered around you. may it keep you warm on the darker days. X


  2. I would have to disagree. In my opinion I think life is 100% how we react to what happens. We ultimately control(in theory) our thoughts and perceptions. What happens outside out control is(should be irrelevant to how we interpret our lives——

    wish it was that easy! Maybe that is why they said 90%…… so we can have an acceptable variance lol


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