Daily positive 31

As most of you are aware I’ve taken up the art of zentangle. I tend to prefer pencil for the draft followed by fine tip 0.4 black pens for the final drawing.

Bring in the negative my beautiful pens ran out, pause for the tantrum and tears lol

The I realised I had $6.23 in my mightyape account. So shopping I go. Found exactly what I needed and for nothing only paid postage. Considering I’m broke as heck and can’t justify spending on pens this rocks

So on its way is three beautiful pens so I can create 🙂


7 thoughts on “Daily positive 31

  1. Glad you are able to continue being creative. I am really just starting to look at my creative side. Never felt safe enough to explore it. I am excited about the journey.


  2. Well you know, this is kind of an investment–you spend a couple of dollars now on pens and save thousands down the line on therapy 😉 That’s why I justify spending money on journals and pens!


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