Trying my hand at black paper tangles

For something abut different. While I kind of like it its not something I really want to do note of. I find working on the black paper with gel pens challenging. It also shows all the imperfect parts.



Would love the honest feedback tho. Love, like, hate it? And why ?


62 thoughts on “Trying my hand at black paper tangles

  1. I like the bottom right bit of the second picture best.
    Maybe your next step could be working with these kinds of textures on a larger paper. Or drawn smaller on this current paper, which might solve the problem of the imperfections?

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  2. Good job on them. I’m not as big a fan of black paper, but I like the geometric part the best. Filled in work seems to lose something IMO. Hmmm…ya know you could do it with block out white ink. It’s very opaque and would really pop.

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  3. I Am a big fan of black and white anything. Even though both ways are black and white, there is more drama in the black paper. I agree with cubbyholes in that a more opaque white would be better. Now I am wondering what it would look like in colors…though, as noted, I like b/w. You are doing this so well. It seems natural for you!

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