Daily positive 35


Another pressie from my sailor. I’m getting spoilt and have never been before. I have an addiction to coffee in which I have 20+ cups a day. Cause of this I have budget coffee. Sailor went out to treat me to a cafetera. Never heard of these before. He told me I was in for a real treat. He got my favourite ground extra strong coffee beans. And made me the most amazing expresso coffee top with fresh whipped cream and grated dark chocolate. I’m in shock with the thoughtful gifts and getting so spoilt.


53 thoughts on “Daily positive 35

  1. This picture bright back some memories. 27 years ago i would help make breakfast and my task was the coffee. My grandpa taught me how to use it and i don’t think I’ve had better coffee since. Thats right. ..I’ve been drinking coffee since very young!

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      • Wow. I cut back several years ago because of sleep and blood pressure issues. The first month of detoxing off the caffiene habit was the worst and the pits. Now 1 cup does me for the day.

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      • Incredible. Somehow doctors at the Mayo clinic consider over 5 cups excessive, speak of caffeine intoxication and that it is a drug and will react with any other drug you are taking (ie. anti depressives, pain meds, anti-inflammatories, vitamins, etc.) and the future affects such as depletion of calcium in your bones. I’m not being preachy, just concerned. Iguess the gist is, do you eat 20 candy bars a day? Do you eat 20 bags of vending machine size potato chips a day? Do you take 20 Tylenol a day? and if not, why? And therein lies the answer to 20 cups of coffee – because anything done in excess has consequences. Be careful. Keep up with things like heartburn, lower back pian/kidney issues, affects of poor sleeping…You’re an excellent blogger and it would be shame for that to be affect. Take care.

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